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iridium Iridium satellite system gives the possibility of estabilishing connection from any location in the world. It results from system architecture which is based on several dozen low-orbital satellites orbiting around Earth. This idea differs from systems based on geostationary satellites which provide incomplete (not full) Earth coverage. (without areas not exceeding 70 degrees of latitude).

Iridium satellite telephone is a solution for people looking for portable, easy to use satellite telephone, giving the possibility of estabilishing connection (sound, data transmission) from any location on the globe.

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iridium Portable satellite telephone MOTOROLA 9505A: Satellite telephone MOTOROLA 9505A replaced former models – 9505 and 9500.

Basic technical features:
  • weight: 0,4 kg
  • talk time after single batteries’ charging: about 3,2 h
  • standby time after batteries’ charging: about 30 h
  • two-way SMS capability
  • data transfer capability (optional – special interface is required)


Send a free SMS to a Iridium satellite telephone

There is a possibility of sending a few free short messages (sms) per day (from the operator’s website).

Maritime satellite telephone: RST100 terminal with RST910 antenna

iridium For users whose activity concentrates in areas of Europe, Africa ( Northern and Middle part) and Asia (Middle and Western part) not interested in telephone connection of global coverage and not needing broad-band internet access we recommend Thuraya satellite telephones .


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thuraya For people interested in telecommunication and fast, broad-band Internet access we recommend terminals of the latest satelite system - INMARSAT BGAN.

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